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Pink & Peaches Circles with gold specks PV 403 Patterned Vinyl

Pink & Peaches Circles with gold specks PV 403 Patterned Vinyl

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Patterned Vinyl is printed in house, On quality Premium vinyl.

Please understand: Colors can vary depending on devices and screens.

Transparent- Clear printed vinyl- clear, CAN see SOME base colors, glitter color etc. (black is black and will be difficult to see anything under it)

Opaque- White printed vinyl- White, cannot see what is underneath

VC Vinyl- Printed on CLEAR vinyl, however the image itself is NOT. Best used on dark or colored bases. Let your base color and glitter shine through! 

Sheets are sized at approx. 12x12      +/- 1/2 inch for margins

1. Place printed side up, DO NOT MIRROR design.

2. Weed excess material.

3. Apply transfer tape (not included) and use squeegee to ensure full contact with vinyl and transfer tape. Slowly peel transfer tape and design off vinyl backing.

4. Apply to your clean dust free surface and burnish well before slowly peeling away transfer tape.

Vinyl is waterproof HOWEVER Keep away from alcohol, alcohol based cleaners, and acetone. It WILL remove the inks. 

***Please keep in mind, I am NOT responsible for any loss or damage due to the postal service. Once the package leaves my hands, I am NOT responsible.
Please be sure your address is correct when you place your order.***

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