Collection: Crystal Decals (UVDTF)

Crystal Decals: (UVDTF)

Introducing our premium UV DTF prints, available in gang sheets, single transfers or wraps.

Crystal UVDTF Decal Features:

✨ Waterproof

✨ Extremely Durable

✨ Does not require sealing or epoxy

✨ Ideal for smooth, hard surfaces such as glass, metal, acrylic, leather and wood.

Do NOT place on electronics, painted surfaces such as cars or walls. These are permanent and can only be removed with a razorBLD is NOT responsible for improper applications and or uses. 

Application Instructions

  • Thoroughly clean the surface and allow it to fully dry.
  •  Place the item on a stable surface.
  •  Peel the backing film from the wrap / Decal or use the hinge method for application
  •  Carefully position the wrap/decal on your item.
  •  Use firm pressure to burnish (rub) the transfer onto the item. 

 IMPORTANT: Only one attempt is possible as the UV DTF cannot be repositioned or removed; Once it's there, IT'S THERE.  

Peel away the transfer sheet slowly and carefully, removing transfer sheet at an angle works best,  if the image seems to come up, apply firm pressure and burnish the wrap/decal again. 

BLD is NOT responsible for failed applications. 

Care Instructions:

  • Handwash only
  • Microwave safe
  • Avoid harsh scrubbing or the use of abrasive chemicals
  • While UV DTF prints are exceptional strong and durable, excessive wear, tear, or rough handling may lead to scratches and chipping.

*Please follow the instructions. UV DTF prints are ineligible for replacement or refund.