Collection: Sublimination


*Any of my SVG, PNG or waterslide images can be turned into a sub print!* 

**These are paper Sublimation Transfers only.

The Images you see here, are printed on a transfer paper to use for pressing the designs onto materials such as mouse pads, shirts, mugs. etc

YOU will need a heat press machine to apply these transfers properly.

 Ready to press design transfers need to be applied with a heat press, these do NOT work with a home iron and shirts must contain a minimum of 60% polyester, other materials such as mugs, key chains, tumblers, etc, MUST SPECIFICALLY be for sublimation, using a regular mug will not work.


This listing is for a custom design paper transfer, you will not receive a finished product, such as a shirt, mug, etc. It is ONLY the transfer paper design for YOU to apply to your own material or substrate.

We use high quality sublimation inks and printers.

They are applied best to 100% polyester but will also work on tri-blends that have at least 60% polyester.

Sublimation transfers work best on white but can be applied to very light grays and pastels. Remember the white of these designs does not transfer, so if your shirt is Pink and the design has white areas those white areas in the design will be the color of the shirt you are using.

 ** Sublimation Transfers DO NOT work on Black or other DARK materials.


 I am not responsible if you order the wrong size for your project. So please be sure you know what size you are needing. 

I do not accept returns on transfers but if you have questions or concerns regarding your transfer please reach out to me and I am more than happy to help.