Clear Decals


**Sized approx. 3.0inches  x 3.5inches 

Clear decals: are made of a thin transparent vinyl.  They have a certain degree of stretch for easy placements. *perfect for light colored bases*

VC Decals:  V.C. Decals (Versatile clear decals, as named by Butterfly Lane Designs November 2020)

V.C Decals are made with our clear vinyl, these can be used on both LIGHT AND DARK colored bases, unlike our regular clear decals.  These have a white under-base that allows them to be used on black or white bases and every color in-between! 

*Both are waterproof & can be used with Epoxy and Crystalac products without issue.

I do suggest a low tac transfer tape if you have troubles placing by hand, ( even clear contact paper from the dollar tree works great!)